Listeners to Flash Point’s Natural Wellness hour know that I discuss the harmful effects of Chem Trailing and geo-engineering in nearly every show. Clearly, this is the number one health issue that is dragging down the collective health of Americans. I know, since I’ve been researching this topic since 2007, and have logged over 35 years in natural health-care as a practicing physician.

Between the daily aerosol dispersions, Wi-Fi, hidden GMO’s, and environmental chemicals in general, the heart and lungs carry the burden, with premature death being a more common consequence of the increasingly rapid pace of adulteration of the planet.

The prescription of inhalers is another time bomb, as we witness pre-schoolers and children being prescribed these powerful steroidal drug delivery systems. This can only lead to sick adults, all the more to strain an already broken health care system.


Now more than ever you need to protect yourself from becoming a statistic, an even fatal one. If you’re taking prescription drugs or OTC stimulants, beware. Check the side effects, discuss with a qualified natural based physician. Medical professionals are often ignorant of the side effects because they prescribe so recklessly and are overworked and underpaid. They’ve effectively been reduced to data entry persons, consulting Mayo and Cleveland clinic websites for advice on treatment.

I have a better idea. Start with Mild C Crystals. Vitamin C is vital since it cannot be manufactured by the body. Without adequate intake on a daily basis, your body will cannibalize its own tissue stores, seeking to balance your chemistry. It supports the immune system, alkalinizes by cleansing impurities from body. It supports the liver and kidneys, tones the blood and supports vision. If that’s not enough, it supports fluid levels inside your tissues and can relieve bloating, leading to moderate weight loss.

My enzyme formula is second to none. I’ve spent decades experimenting with different enzyme formula’s. When I find one with more broad spectrum properties, I replace the old with the newer formula. Enzymes break down poisonous chemicals and metabolize proteins that escape digestion in the gut. These proteins make their way into the bloodstream, causing the blood to thicken, adversely affecting circulation.

Support of the brain and nerves comes with DMAE, a nutriceutical known for its ability to enhance synaptic function among nerves. It also helps with concentration and memory, contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar level, thereby helping prevent diabetes. It also removes age spots which have been shown to be a reaction to sugar imbalance in the body. The body will move the sugars into storage areas in the skin, resulting in this advanced form of aging.

Essential fatty acids come in many forms. I prefer plant EFA’s like coconut, avocado and black current seed oils, to name a few. There are broad spectrum EFA’s that can carry out the anti-inflammatory role involving hyperlipidemia, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disease processes. These forms of degeneration will rob you of cognitive skills, affect fine motor movement, throw off cardiac rhythms and cause loss of memory and vision.

Tune in to the show Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 to 11 AM EDT. You will learn how to properly care for your body, as I share time honored strategies you won’t hear on the Dr. Oz show. I’ve been on the front lines, always viewing the body though nature’s lens – the only way God intended.