Our Sun, Shrouded in a Poisonous Halo of Heavy Metals and Toxins

IMG_1732  This is typical of what we have to put up with as the geo-engineering-genocidal “scientific community” tinkers with planet Earth’s basic elements. They are destroying the inner magnetosphere, heated up the oceans, shredded the ozone layer and degraded the Van Allen Belt in near outer space. The combined adulteration of the very features that once made Earth obedient to the harmonious shifts of Mother Nature, have been greedily hijacked for profit and control. Indeed, the human organism is in the process of being hijacked as well. Artificial “intelligence” is being integrated into everyone on the planet. In this way science and technology is attacking our soul, leaving our emotions seemingly real, yet astonishingly and abhorrently synthetic.  The school system has effectively created robots governed by stimulus response behavior as envisioned by Skinner. These people are easier to manage and control, they’re predictable and less costly to govern. They police themselves as members of the ‘hive’ that defines the new age NWO bondage.  drstevenamato.com