lungs-heart-kidneysGreetings Euro Folk Radio listeners. We are living in the end times and although there is nothing to fear, since we are wrapped in the Love and Protection of Yahweh, there are some realities we cannot ignore. Television, tyrannically unrestrained law enforcement, oppressive and regressive-draconian laws that protect undeserving segments of our population… and many more misguided and planned schemes to suck our collective energy and will power… slowly accumulate, robbing us of our life force. Then there are the chem trals – biological and chemical warfare ‘light’.

The two sets of organs that support your heart are your kidneys and your lungs. They are paired for a reason, being the only organs that come in twos. Your kidneys filter fluids, removing the impurities for elimination to the bladder. They then send the water back to your lungs to keep the ambient moisture in your body at a healthy, steady state of homeostasis.

The harmful effects of chemical toxins including pesticides, insecticides, food adulteration, colorings, gmo’s – plus the nano-particulates in the atmosphere, combined with the ‘background noise’ of fear and anxiety, can wear these organs down, making you susceptible to chem trail flu, chronic fatigue, Fibromylagia and heart attack. I just learned the recording artist known as Prince died at 57. Folks, people are not supposed to die in their forties, fifties and sixties. These are engineered deaths, whether intentional or collateral to the multi-level assault being waged on Americans and the world.

According to ancient texts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are viewed as your body’s seat of Grief. Likewise, kidneys store fear, which eventually leads to lower back pain and arthritis. These organs must be addressed now more than ever. My geo-engineering studies have been focused on protecting you from death so you can get through this epic shift in consciousness. Consult with my sites anti-agingremedies and

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Dr. Amato