I have been researching the geo-engineering topic since 2005. What I did not know back then, was that weather modification had been going on for nearly a century. The first credible evidence of modification of weather occurred in San Diego in 1919. This was around the time that Nicola Tesla was testing devices that could perturb the atmosphere to the point he claimed he could “split the planet in two”. Sound crazy? Crazy is true. The worst is yet to come because these scientists believe they can handle any untoward eventuality. We are living in a world at the mercy of science, which has hijacked common sense… all for the sake of a buck.

Here is a You Tube video detailing what HAARP can and can’t do. It can literally duplicate the effects of our sun.

It is time to prepare, both for yourself and your family. Laura Phares Wilson and I discuss survival strategies for the coming Armageddon on our show, Flash Point. What shape the cataclysm will take is anyone’s guess. You should by all means Google ‘The Basic Three’, found at my website, anti-agingremedies.com. These three supplements will keep your immune system strong, digestion complete  and thorough, and cognition at peak performance.

Our generation has been chosen to witness the coming Rapture. This is because this generation represents the pinnacle of what humanity can achieve with the guidance and inspiration of His Devine Light and Presence. If we shrink from this challenge, we will have to answer on Judgement Day. Now is the time to take the challenge.