Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more evil in this dysfunctionally psychopathic world, so called ‘scientists’, working for the globalist cabal – Club of 300 and their hierarchy, for decades, have been engineering virus, fungus and parasites to be more deadly, and highly targeted to specific groups of people. Today, they are being vectored by genetically modified insects. Is it natural? No, it’s engineered by the evil among us.


Go to drstevenamato.com to read about WW II biowarfare experts, brought to America on asylum through the CIA’s Operation Paperclip. They continued their work, this time for the US military industrial complex. Plum Island, Connecticut, Fort Detrick and other biowarfare installations are behind many of the deadly flu viruses including avian, swine, H1N1, Lyme’s, AIDS and many more. The CDC is a front for more of the same. Nazi head biowarfare scientist, Erich Traub, Kurt Blome and others working under the Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research perfected the weaponization of insects for the purpose of spreading disease here in the US and around the world. The video below has been molested by the PTB for it’s truthful exposition of serial criminal behavior by ‘leaders’. As a result, the audio has been disabled. Still, there is enough for anyone with common sense to ‘connect the dots’.

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Dr. S. Amato