white-guiltStefan Molyneux has been producing freedomain radio for the last 10 years. This 24 minute and 4 second video released by him 3 days ago on Nov 10th shows, with great precision and value, how white people are coerced through guilt and what we can do to stop it.

Molyneux refers to “the oldest con in the book” which is . . .  “find a good (white) person, make him feel guilty until he coughs up resources that you can steal” and then do that again and again and again. Ring any bells?

The holocaust guilt shakedown, although not referred to by Molyneux, fits the profile perfectly. An event as yet unproven to have occurred, the self styled holocaust is used to induce guilt into Germans (and by extension all white people who “didn’t do enough to stop” this fictional event) who are then fleeced for money so as to assuage their supposed guilt. In excess of $100 Billion paid out by Germany so far.  And as Mr Molyneux clearly shows, whatever is paid is “never enough” . . . the guilty must pay and pay and pay and pay and pay.

So how does Mr Molyneux suggest we deal with such bogus guilt attacks ?  In the case of the holohoax, Jews want us to empathise with their supposed mistreatment. But what empathy have the jews ever shown for us or for their abuse of others?  For the abuse of our race? . . .  specifically, their systematic murder and proven slaughter of over 60 million white christian Russians under Judeo Bolshevik rule in the first half of the 20th century? Where is the jews empathy for the plight of the Russians that they slaughtered? Nowhere, that’s where. So, seeing as how jews extend no empathy and show no concern for the destruction of the Russians at their hands, we do not, we can not, we will not, extend any empathy or concern for their so-called fabricated unproven myth of the holocaust. What is good for the goose etc etc

Guilt and shame work very well when they are generated amongst people who share the same values says Mr Molyneux. Who is it that tend to share the same values ? . . . why people from the same race would fit the bill. And that goes for all races and tribal groups. When these groups are mixed together then the guilt trip business begins.

When, in the main, we live separate from other races, as the book so clearly instructs us to do, then the guilt and shame between us acts as a positive force to lift us up to the higher standards we are drawn to. When others live amongst us that is, when jews work to open our gates and drive non white immigration into our homelands, then our empathy and higher standards make us vulnerable to abuse and fleecing.

This video bears repeated viewing.

white-guilt-tim-wiseBogus Guilt Inducer Tim Wise But Dim

Tim Wise, a jew, pretending to be a white man so as to increase white guilt to boost the fiscal and spiritual shakedown of white people. Wise of course has lower standards of empathy than we do. He’s also a hypocrite. So he is denied any empathy from us. To rebuff his bogus guilt attack, we simply reflect his own words back at him as follows:

“You Jews, you’re on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more Jews around.”

Thanks for the pointer Tim.