One To One is a new series of interview and discussion shows that air on Saturdays at 3pm EDT 8pm BST. Currently the show is not scheduled on a weekly basis and will, for now, air as and when interviews have been arranged. Both hosts and guests are not fixed as One 2 One is open to any discussion or interview that complements the main issues covered on EFR.

In the first edition of the show, Eli James talked with Sencha MacRae of Untold Tales where on the About page it says . . .

If truth be known, and it so rarely is. This applies particularly to the study of history.

What we know as history is mostly not that at all. It is a carefully crafted facsimile of the truth but different enough to serve as bold lies. There are bold lies to be sure, but much of the craft of lying is more subtle.

Sometimes the real story is exaggerated to the point of foolishness but repeated so often that people come to believe at what they once would have scoffed. Blatant omission is a common tactic. Misdirection from the important truth to an unimportant triviality is another.

Covering up or minimizing certain facts works towards the same end. Like a salesmen selling you bad insurance, the trick is in the presentation of falsehood rather than the search for truth.

Eli and Sencha look at Russian history with regard to the Khazars.

Russia Versus The Khazars Part 1

Originally broadcast on Saturday 29th August 2015 3pm EDT 8pm BST. Eli James talks with Sencha MacRae about the Russians vs the Khazars.



Russia Versus The Khazars Part 2

Originally broadcast on Saturday 19th September 2015 3pm EDT 8pm BST. Eli James continues his talk with Sencha MacRae on Russia Versus the Khazars.

One 2 One With Sencha MacRae Of Untold Tales