Israeli zionist flagFAKE FAKE FAKE.  It’s all Orwellian, jooish fakery!

FUN FUN FUN.  Funding the fake opposition.

The modern world is nothing but Jewish Theater, designed to scare the wits out of a gullible public and to justify fake wars against fake terrorists, for the purpose of furthering the jooish agenda in the Middle East.  Al-CIA-da (AlQaeda), Hamas, the Wahhabi Sect, and now ISIS are funded by the the global Zionist Occupation Government.


ISIS is nothing but yet another “weapon of mass deception” created by the jooz to fool the world into thinking that there are REAL threats to the Israeli State.  More info:


ISIS Leader a Jew? al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad Agent Born to Jewish Parents

“There’s a terrorist under every bed!!”  Be afraid!  Be very afraid of Jewish media lies!

Why is it that ISIS and Al-CIA-da never attack Israelis?   They only attack Muslims and Christians.  That is because they are proxy groups funded by the Zionists, working to destabilize Muslim and Christian nations.

ISIS Is Just Another Zionist-Funded Proxy “Terrorist” Group