Published on 26 Feb 2015
Do you think there is a ‘war’ on white people – white males in particular? You can have organizations for blacks (NAACP), Jews (AIPAC), Hispanics, Mexicans, etc. – but if anyone were to come up with a white organization – they would immediately be labeled a racist. You also have affirmative action and the promotion of multiculturalism from the left – is there a ‘war’ on white people and if so, why?

Paul English Comment: We feature this video to show that, in spite of the meandering nature of some of the explanations )which skirt around the issue of the elephant in the living room), awareness of “White Genocide” continues to spread and is moving ever closer to the mainstream. Communism is a cause of course. Communism is also nothing more than judaism on the march . . . of course.