From “News From Atlantis” by Rufus
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Why we shouldn’t cry for Gaza in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

On the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, the tiny coastal sliver of Gaza has been bombarded by Israel for over a week. Interestingly, in Europe the controlled media and the alternative (also controlled) media, have taken the position that we should have sympathy for the people of Gaza, and should be outraged by the actions of Israel. Those of us who fight against globalisation and the over-representation of Jews amongst those who are driving us to cultural and ethnic genocide, tend to be happy to jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon. Although it is against all instincts to say anything which could be considered an endorsement of Israel, are we wise to react to all news from that region with instant hostility to the Jewish State?

The United Nations has concluded that 80% of all those killed in Gaza have been civilians. Now, if we look at that another way, for every militant killed, four civilians have been killed as collateral damage. This can only be the case if the fighters of Hamas have been hiding in civilian areas, using ordinary people as willing human shields. In this case, if those who support the fighters are considered as collaborators, then the number of ‘innocents’ must surely fall to a very small number indeed.

The issue of the legitimacy of Israel is one which can be argued endlessly. However, the fact that Israel does indeed exist, has to be taken into consideration. From a purely pragmatic position, it doesn’t matter if Jews have stolen Arab land; what matters is that there is a homeland for the Jews to be sent to live in.

I can imagine some people reading this will be furious at the suggestion that we should accept Israel and to put it bluntly, to hell with the Palestinians. The Jewish domination of Banking, the Stock Exchange, the European Monarchies and Aristocracies, the legal and governmental institutions etc, naturally provoke anger from the indigenous people of Europe who are being bled dry to feed the greed of the Jews and their collaborators. Throughout history, the parasitism of Organised Jewry has resulted in the Jews as a whole being expelled from nation after nation. They have become the ‘wandering Jews’ simply because after a certain time, the people of every nation in Europe have thrown them out; but they have not – until 1948 – had anywhere to go to. It is natural and healthy to wish to be rid of the Jewish presence in Europe, but unless they have somewhere to go to, how can the problem be solved?

Mass immigration and so-called multiculturalism (aka European genocide) has been pushed by Jewish pressure groups and politicians in Europe, with the support of internal traitors. This has allowed us to experience first hand the qualities of immigrants from wholly different cultures to our own. Those of us who live with the daily abuse of moslem supremacist bigots, find it hard to cry for the moslems in Gaza. Of course, knowing that it was Jews who brought these vile creatures to Europe in the first place, makes it impossible to cry for the Israelis either.

The bombing of Gaza shouldn’t be the cause for concern for anyone in Europe. When twenty years ago the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda were killing one another, nobody went to great lengths to take sides, although there were justifications for the violent actions from both sides for people who cared to look for them. We find ourselves being drawn into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through direct knowledge of the barbarity and outright evil of Islam, and through the understanding that our financial predicament and the genocide of Europe is largely Jewish by design. We find ourselves forced to choose who we hate more – just like in a General Election when people vote against politicians they despise most, rather than for anyone. This is a mistake we need not make. We do not have to support the lesser of two evils, we simply need to not support any evil at all.

From a position of pure and simple self preservation, we need to resist calls for the destruction of Israel. As long as there is a Jewish State, there is a place where Jews, Maranos and Crypto-Jews can be sent to. The Holyhoax lie is that we are a genocidal people who have it in us to exterminate those who seek to destroy us. We are not genocidal maniacs; we are by nature tolerant and compassionate; this has not actually done us any favours. If Israel falls, the Jews will flood into Europe to join those who already rule over us, and the multiculti nightmare will get worse and worse. If Israel lives, then the Jews can be made to undergo their ‘right to return’ to their own land – and it doesn’t matter one bit whether the land they go to is theirs; all that matters is that we are free of them.

The people of Palestine follow the same pædophile superstitious drivel as the Pakistanis who infest our towns and cities. If we look at them as ‘Pakistinians’, with the same tendencies as those who have destroyed Bradford, London and many other parts of England (and indeed much of Europe) – pædophilia, rape, violence, theft, deception, heroin supplying etc – then why oh why would anyone with any decency wish to defend such people? Yes they have lost their land, but their co-religionists are stealing ours, with their fullest blessings.

The best outcome for the Israeli-Palestinian struggle would be the realisation of the Zionist dream of a land for the Jews stretching from the River Nile to the River Euphrates. If the Jews were to have such territory, there would be no excuse for the continuation of the diaspora. Under such conditions, the non-Jews of the world would be liberated from Jewish domination; so long as every single Jew was ‘encouraged’ to return to the Jewish State. With the Jewish presence removed from power in Europe, we could reverse mass immigration from outside Europe, and once again be masters in our own homes. Before we can abolish multiculti political correctness, we have to remove those who preside over it; the Jews must go to their own land and of course the liberal collaborators must be dealt with as is appropriate.

France has seen riots with moslems and Jews fighting in the streets. It is unacceptable that non-Europeans use European soil to air their grievances. It is unacceptable that non-Europeans are allowed into Europe other than as tourists coming to visit us for maybe a fortnight a year. If we are pragmatic, we have to stop whining about dead Arabs in Gaza and take the logical and unemotional position, that it isn’t our problem. If Israel falls apart, the Jewish presence in Europe will increase and with them so will our suffereing at the hands of the multicultural ‘politically correct’ invasion.

What matters is the survival of Europe. If that means doing nothing whilst Israel occupies more territory, then so be it. If that means doing nothing whilst the Jews displace Arabs in the region into other Arab lands, then so be it. If that means doing nothing whilst Jews slaughter Palestinians, again, so be it. We do not have to be friends of Israel; we do not have to be pro-Jewish; we have to be realists with the knowledge that the moslems in Gaza are of the same ilk as those who have ruined our homelands, and that our best hope of getting rid of the moslem vermin in our shores is to allow the Jews to build up a strong homeland for themselves – and to make sure that they go live in it! We must not lose our only chance of freedom by worrying about people who couldn’t give a damn about us – Jews, Moslems, anyone.