. . .  They have names and faces and can be confronted

The whole of Europe is under attack; not just the European homeland, but overseas Europe too.  We are faced with such a concerted attack that it can become demoralising.  However, what we need to remember is that our enemies are just people; people with names, faces, places of work; people who can – and must – be confronted.

We often think of our enemies as the heads of financial and political institutions; people who are protected day-and-night from the grim reality they have created for the rest of us.  There are bankers in their gated communities and MPs, MEPs etc who pontificate to us about how they are serving the nation, whilst all the time they are serving themselves and their owners, with no care whatsoever for our interests or well-being.  When we think of people at this level, it seems as if there really is no hope of reaching those who do us so much harm, let alone convincing them to change their ways.  But rather than using the remoteness of the ‘elite’ as an excuse to give up and do nothing, we should be looking at those who we can reach, and who we can confront for their treachery.

Niki-AlbanyIn a recent edition of the liberal rag, the Independent on Sunday, an organisation called Mazi Mas was highlighted for its services to liberal extremism.  The despicable organisation is organised by a half-Greek, half German ‘gender specialist’ (which no doubt is something hideously ‘politically correct’), called Nikandre Kopcke.  According to the Independent, Mazi Mas means ‘with us’ in Greek, and – get this – the reason its founder was chosen for the paper’s  Happy List, is that she employs and trains refugees and immigrants only, and not only is her organisation exclusively foreign, the invaders thus employed are also exclusively women .  For this display of anti-indigenous and anti-male discrimination, the Independent of Sunday felt compelled to recognise Mazi Mas and the ‘gender expert’, Kopcke.

Contrast this with another Greek initiative for feeding the people!  Back in Greece itself from which the self-hating feminist, Kopcke, slithered, Golden Dawn established soup kitchens to feed the victims of mass immigration and financial terrorism.  Golden Dawn put the Greek people first, and was dubbed the ‘Soup Kitchen of Hate’ for its efforts to look after the people.  Mazi Mas actively discriminates against the indigenous people of the UK (and indeed all Europe), and it also agitates for the ‘rights’ of all foreigners who manage to get to our shores in the manner of criminals breaking into our homeland.  Mazi Mas is welcomed by Parliament and fawned over by the mainstream media.  Why the disparity of reception?  Simply because to love one’s own people is to be ‘xenophobic’, whereas to hate one’s own and to love those who are destroying our nation, is to be a cuddly liberal multicultist!

The mainstream media – national and local – is full of sickening stories of people bending over backwards to aid the foreign invaders.  These self-hating parasites love to get their mentally-deranged faces in the media.  If we want to know who the enemy is, we need only have a look at the grinning images which can be found in all our newspapers.  The worse the treason, the more accolades these people receive.

It is possible that many of those committing treason against the European people are themselves victims of liberal brainwashing, and that they can have the error of their ways explained to them in such a way that they will cease to engage in activities which damage our people.  They are more than happy to promote themselves at every opportunity – we should be ready to confront them, educate them, and stop them.

Not all of the people who are engaged in activities which are injurious to the European people, are witting traitors.  Some of them can be brought back to sanity with exposure to the truth about what their ‘do-gooding’ actually achieves.

The organised multiculti bigots have a monopoly on disrupting organisations which oppose their agenda.  We have to ensure that this pitiful situation is not allowed to continue.  Organisations which promote the genocide of our people and the destruction of our way of life must not be allowed to continue unopposed.  They must be picketed, leafleted against, denied access to their premises and the public places they infest.  A little imagination, and readily available research is all that is needed to bring an end to the cosy drift into absolute liberal depotism.  Those who are sleepwalking into this nightmare can easily be awoken by their antics producing uncomfortable results.  That only leaves the hardcore enemies of the people, who will not be so brave once their puppet human shields are removed.

Don’t give the bigots an easy ride.  Let them know that the days in which they could discriminate against the indigenous people and commit acts of war without fear of repercussions or even without any objections, are over.