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Why is everyone afraid to say who the real criminals are?

Because we don’t know our own history — and likely never will — we are compelled to accept their history, which after digesting a lifetime of lies, we begin to realize is false.

This is how we are persuaded to accept that Muslims from caves in Afghanistan knocked down skyscrapers in New York City, how Adolf Hitler was the most evil person who ever lived, or how the present president of the United States — a man with no verifiable identity who has used several different aliases — is now allowed to kill anyone he chooses without a public explanation.

It is how we are made to believe fluoride, nuclear power and vaccines are good for us, and how people in other countries with valuable resources or in geographically advantageous locations are bad and deserve to be killed.

And we’ve gone way beyond logic and common sense with low wage security guards squeezing testicles at airports in search of bombs that are never found (unless planted by the FBI), children being forced to take unnecessary medicines that will affect them for the rest of their lives, and politicians blackmailed into promising allegiance to a foreign country before they can even run for office in this one.

Now, it happens seemingly every day as a power mad and soulless American government tells lies to your face and kills people on whims as props to consolidate their power not to benefit ordinary Americans but only to enrich the Jewish overclass that has taken over the world’s society by its merciless control of finance.

And today the puppetmasters prepare us for yet another war based on provocations they themselves have created, using the time-tested tactics of the false flag philosophy in which they create the crime and blame it on the people they intend to victimize.

As a reasonably intelligent person, you might think you have a grip on what’s transpiring in the world by reading your preferred selection of news media to inform you of the day’s events, but you’d be wrong. If you’re still getting your daily dose of info from mainstream newspapers and commercial, you have no hope of ever finding out what’s actually happening. However, nowadays most people know that, which is why newspaper circulation and network news watching are both plummeting, while Internet use in search of reliable voices is skyrocketing.

The Internet abounds with news sources. Some of them are actually real, but most are not; most are facsimiles of the same kind of news organizations that have plagued us since they invented the lighbulb. These unreliable rags are owned by the bankers who hire the writers to cover up the crimes that they themselves are committing.

The chief fault of most Internet news services is that they are owned and operated by Jews, or seek to curry favor with Jews in order to support themselves, so they neglect to mention that Jews are behind virtually all the problems the world faces today.

Worse than that is this bogus mainstream fairytale perception that has been repeated ad nauseum by our government and transmitted whole cloth into the school systems, the universities, and the minds of young children, teaching them that Muslims are our worst enemies and Jews our dearest friends. All the while, kosher financiers rob our treasury and our citizenry down to their last rapidly shrinking dollar.

The vast majority of the American people don’t realize that because of the perfidy of the Jewish Federal Reserve banking system, it was Americans who funded the evil Jewish Soviet Union throughout the 20th century. It was corrupt American politicians like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, bought off the by Jewish bankers, who started both World Wars. It was corrupt American doctors, bribed by Jewish millionaires, who inserted poisons into popular medicines to fulfill the requirements of the Talmud, which urges its demented followers to rob and murder those who are not like them and don’t wear yarmulkes.

And in that poisonous position paper, you see the foul trajectory of the once noble American experiment degenerated into a crime scheme whose victims have become its own loyal citizens.

So what do you tell your children? God help you if you tell them to believe what they hear in school these days! That homosexuals are God’s chosen people.

Writers will talk about all the problems of the world, but they’ll scrupulously avoid talking about who’s behind all these problems, or exactly where these problems originate. Chris Hedges is one such writer in this fetid class. He’ll tell you everything that’s gone south in America, and never mention the people who have caused it.

Those who criticize the U.S. government or the nasty things Americans do to the rest of the world are actually helping the Jews behind the scenes when these paid off shills don’t point out who’s really running things, and by that I mean the Jewish puppet masters who have controlled American politics at least throughout the 20th century and probably a lot longer than that.

When people write stories that criticize the United States but don’t mention Israel or Jewish control of the American government, they’re actually doing the work of the Jews in destabilizing a once mighty nation that they have sabotaged to the point of complete collapse by their control of systems vital to America’s survival.

This was a demoralization I first noticed during the Vietnam war in the 1960s, when Jewish radicals ruled the anti-war counter culture yet Jewish moneymen fueled the war machine while funding the drug trade that addicted American troops and sabotaged the war effort.

Eventually I began to notice that all our history was that way. An analysis of the Civil War of the 19th century reveals the same tactics at work.

Other egregious examples include:

• Winston Churchill continues to be lionized as the hero of World War II but he was wholly owned and paid to go to war by Jewish billionaires who bailed him out of bankruptcy and installed him as Britain’s prime minister with orders to bomb Germany immediately, which he did.

• The Jewish press prattles on about the so-called Holocaust but never utters a word about President Eisenhower’s deliberate decision to starve to death more than 2 million German soldiers in the fields of France after World War II had ended.

• Every police officer in America is guilty of treason for not applying the same standards to the 9/11 investigation that they use to convict killers in their own jurisdictions. The massive obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence served to protect only the Jewish power structure responsible for the bombings, and today everyone in government service in Washington knows 9/11 was an inside job but the federal government lumbers on toward its own destruction on the basis of the Muslim terrorist fairy tale that the entire world knows is false.

Particularly in the medical and legal professions, every day, Jews are permitted to continue their criminal activities while every day, non Jews are arrested, convicted and robbed by the corrupt system for crimes they did not commit. Every day police officers across the country abuse and murder innocent people and their pets, and these criminals in uniform are never brought to justice.

In these twisted days, the ability to describe things as they are is limited to Free Speech Zones. People are allowed to speak their minds only where nobody can hear them.

As recent statistics demonstrate, there is no terrorist threat that is not generated by the U.S. government, as Waco, Oklahoma City, the two 9/11s, the foreign wars and invasions, and the entire recent string of false flag public shootings adequaely demonstrate.

Cops ignore the real crimes. They prosecute poor people and let the rich go free. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid is a good example of this phenomenon recently. He has a sweet deal with the Chinese worth billions to him and his family. The only thing he has to do is to steal Cliven Bundy’s farm. Reid is the real criminal here, but the cops are hired to protect the rich and their property, so Bundy will likely lose his family farm, just like so many Americans have lost their homes to the sadistic super banks.

No, the cops aren’t here to protect your life. The cops are here to protect the property of the people who pay their salaries. So don’t be confused if they kill you over something that makes no sense.

All Jews out of government, the schools and the medical profession. No dealing with countries who have Jews in their government.

No teaching, keep Jews out of education. They teach people lies, how to be slaves, and molt and poison our children in the process.

You aren’t going to fix anything by pointing out flaws in the American government. Only shining a spotlight on the Jews who are running these psychotic puppets like Obama will begin to stop this madness, yet that seems impossible because Jews own all the media and have polluted all the schools with malignant misinformation so that people can’t fathom the scams and see who is committing all these false flag crimes, like phony pharmaceuticals that will make you sterile and food that will rot your insides out.

People are afraid to talk about Jews because they fear losing all their money. Well, you’ve already lost all your money, and just don’t know it yet.

It’s becoming obvious to everyone in the world that the United States of America, braindead hit man for the psychotic perverts in Israel, is the No. 1 threat to peace in the world. And if the Americans can’t stop this perpetual and ever more gruesome carnage, then the rest of the world will have to.

It can’t happen too soon. The Jewish controlled United States needs to be stopped from its murderous rampage against everyone in the world — including its own citizens — before there is nothing left of the world to save.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.