ACH (1621) Mallificus Scott - The Limeys #42 - Because We Care About You With Special Guest Frank Raymond

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 11 2021, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Because We Care About You With Special Guest Frank Raymond.”

We discussed: how today is both Columbus Day and International Coming Out Day; how we are now up to 1,698 deaths and 370,574 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; how the NHS and the British Government have radically changed their process on exemptions from Covid testing, vaccinations, and vaccine passports, despite scrapping plans for vaccine passports at the end of last month; 9/11 and the wars that ensued as a result; George Orwell’s concept of Oceania in his book 1984; how the first biometric passports came in after 9/11 and why the vaccine passports are simply an extension of that; the extensive research on the execution of the 9/11 attacks and its coverup; why the powers that should not be decided to blame Afghanistan for the 9/11 attacks; the mainstream media campaign to justify the Iraq War; George W. Bush’s Axis Of Evil that appeared to mirror the Project For A New American Century document; and many other topics.

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Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Adverse Reactions” And Click On The Four Analysis Prints That Claims An Aggregate Total Of 1,698 People Have Died And 370,574 People Have Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine

Click Here For Proof That The British Government Expected A HIGH VOLUME OF ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE COVID-19 VACCINE. Scroll Down To Point II.1.4 On This European Union Website

Click Here For The NHS Page On How You Can Get An Exemption From Being Tested For Coronavirus, Receiving A Vaccination, And Carrying A Vaccination Passport, And Be Sure To Click The ‘Prove That You’re Unable To Be Vaccinated Or Get Tested’ Link At The Bottom Of Of The Exemptions Section

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