ACH (1506) Paul English - The Limeys #21 - Garden Shedding

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 3 2021, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Paul English for a show entitled, “Garden Shedding.”

We discussed: the murder of Jill Dando; how “a nut for a jar of tuna” reads the same if you spell it backwards; the parallels between the French Revolution and California today; why people misappropriate Communism as Nazism; the Bolshevization of the world which is looking more like George Orwell’s “Airstrip One” every day; the Laurel and Hardy films from Hal Roach; Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old,” documentary film; Jeff Rense’s recent interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits; how we are now up to 1,047 deaths and 205,997 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; the Cambridge University epidemiologist who says young people need to get vaccinated to prevent another lockdown; the Christian Pastor who was arrested in the UK for preaching from the Bible; Robert De Niro’s messy divorce; the Chinese game cheats industry; and many other topics.

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Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Adverse Reactions” And Click On The Three Analysis Prints That Claims An Aggregate Total Of 1,047 People Have Died And 205,997 People Have Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine

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