BHP-210404-Jesus was a Jew, or was He? Pt 1

Everybody knows Jesus was a Jew, right? Or was He?

It says so in the KJV. The ‘churches’ teach it.

But have you examined the evidence yourself?
In this study, we will start with what the ‘churches’ teach about Jesus.
We will trace genealogy from Adam to Jesus.
We will cover the definitions and descriptions of Adam.
We will examine if Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, if Jesus taught Judaism, and much more. Even the missing years of Christ between the ages of 12-30.
We will look at portraits, eyewitness accounts, and historical records of Jesus’ appearance.
We will look at the differences between Judaism and Christianity.
We will examine the word ‘Jew’ in the Bible.
There are many ‘Jesus”, but only one is The Jesus. Which one is in your heart?
Follow along with the document: Jesus was a Jew, or was He?
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