The Mainstream Media reports the truth right? Why would they lie?

This COVID-19 Information Superpage brings you reports you won’t see on the Mainstream Media. Only dummies watch Mainstream News…and believes it.

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COVID-19 –

It’s not over yet, in fact, I’ve uncovered many documents and info that show that this phase of the PLANDEMIC will continue until March 31,2025. In addition to the activation of the NWO we will be seeing Food Shortages, the Second Wave, the fall of the Dollar, Mandatory Vaccinations, Martial Law, mass deaths via 5G, and the Mark of the Beast. Our enemies that are implementing the NWO will not back off from their Agenda of Depopulation and 5G Mind Control. No country, government, agency, or President will stop this Fright Train and we will not return to normal. These are the last days and we have a front row seat. The day is coming soon when we will have to make a choice to take the Mark, or not. All we can do is separate from the system as much as possible, continue to witness to others about this fraud and to get right with Yahweh, and to trust that Yahshua will protect us through this and to pray that He will return quickly. We must OVERCOME in the meantime.

Get rid of your TV’s and Smartphones!