Two reports that you will NOT get from the Kosher press and their lackeys:

Independent Chinese journalist exposes the weaponization of the Wuhan “virus.”


Exosomes versus viruses.   Is COVID-19 caused by a virus, or is the so-called virus merely an exosome, or byproduct of the disease?   If you get this wrong, you will falsely claim that COVID-19 is a “contagious” disease when it is not.  Here at EFR, we have been telling you that virus theory is an outmoded theory that is being used by the medical mafia to falsely diagnose COVID-19 patients who are not actually sick.  This video proves that we are correct.


COVID-19 is a global hoax being perpetrated by the vaccine mafia and big pharma and financed by the Rothschild-Rockefeller oligarchy for political control and depopulation.  Share this post with everyone you know.

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