ACH (1257) Paul English – The Micro Management Of Your Mind

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In today’s show originally broadcast on May 19 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English for a show entitled, “The Micro Management Of Your Mind.”

We discussed: how the BBC framed the footage of the arrest of Piers Corbyn for speaking out against the lockdown, compared with the more accurate RT coverage of the incident; how the Coronavirus Legislation is 359 pages long which makes it appear unlikely they could have put that together in the time they claimed they did; the Daily Mail’s continued claims that 90% of people support the lockdown which appear to defy reality; the Briton who was jailed for filming a hospital; how you can now go to jail for three years if you burn a flag in Germany; and many other topics.

Click Here For The BBC’s Deceptive Video Of Piers Corbyn’s Arrest That We Played On The Show

Click Here For The Accurate Video Of The Arrest That Was Put Up On RT

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