ACH (1241) Dr. Adrian Krieg – Generations With Adrian And Andy #45 – Home Despot

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In today’s show originally broadcast on April 27 2020, Andy presents “Generations” with Dr. Adrian Krieg for a show entitled, “Home Despot.”

We discussed: how Switzerland claim to have a vaccine for the Coronavirus that will be available by October; why the economic shutdown will be more deadly than the virus; the Conservative MP who said that social distancing must remain until we have a vaccine; how no mainstream journalists seem to do any journalistic work; how all Democratic Presidential candidates apart from Tulsi Gabbard have now endorsed Joe Biden; why small business bankruptcies are not being reported; how the New Jersey Governor is now using drones to spy on people; the worst mass shooting in Canada’s history; why people with Coronavirus are not being treated with Vitamin C; the Coronavirus test kits that were contaminated with Coronavirus; and many other topics.

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