ACH (1238) Frederick C. Blackburn & Golden Pipe Wrench - The Game Theory Of The Global Lockdown

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 22 2020, Andy is joined by Frederick C. Blackburn and Golden Pipe Wrench, for a show entitled, “The Game Theory Of The Global Lockdown.”

We discussed: The Simpsons clip on releasing a virus; the purposes of opening the beaches; the Embassy Bombings and the attack on the USS Cole prior to 9/11; what Game Theory actually is; the artificial intelligence of the new communications system; how the Coronavirus data appears to have been exaggerated; why democracy is fake; the incredible transfer of wealth going on behind the scenes; who currently is in charge, President Trump or FEMA; turning rights into privileges that can then be revoked; the four steps to taking over a country from within; and many other topics.

Click Here For The Simpsons Clip On Releasing A Virus That We Played At The Start Of The Show

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