ACH (1220) Dr. Lorraine Day - The Coronavirus Is Not The Problem

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 27 2020, Andy is joined by Dr. Lorraine Day, for a show entitled, “The Coronavirus Is Not The Problem.”

We discussed: how the Global Government has talked about pandemics for years; why Governments are keeping people isolated; how the lockdowns have shut down the Yellow Vest Movement in France and the protests in Hong Kong; how Doctors are indoctrinated into never rocking the boat; why people in a state of fear are at a far greater risk of disease; the politics of quarantining people; the suspicious circumstances of 9/11; the plan to solve a Global Pandemic with a Global Government; how Shelter In Place is simply a fancy term for Martial Law; how we are covered in bacteria and viruses all of the time; how the quality of your immune system determines whether or not you contract a virus; why they want to bring in a cashless society; the plan to get rid of Elderly People; how the lockdowns can be used to get rid of Dissenters; how professional sports are now being replaced with pornography; how Communism is simply a plan for salvation without God; the Georgia Guidestones edict to reduce the world population to 500 million; the plan to eliminate Christ and Christianity from the face of the Earth; the emergency laws being passed to allow detention without trial; the plan to use the street gangs to take the guns from the American People; and many other topics.

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