ACH (1199) Dr. Jim Saleam And Nick Griffin – The Coming Collapse Of Western Civilization

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In today’s show originally broadcast on February 27 2020, Andy is joined by Dr. Jim Saleam and Nick Griffin, for a show entitled, “The Coming Collapse Of Western Civilization.”

We discussed: how Jim and Nick first got acquainted in the early 1980’s; the 1930’s New Guard Conservative Movement in Australia; the foundation of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain and its subsequent activities; the three methods available to change political systems; how the British National Party (BNP) got 14% of the UK vote in 2008; the creation of fake Nationalist Parties such as the UK Independence Party (UKIP), for the purpose of defeating real Nationalist Parties such as the BNP; why the USA sponsors Anti-European Union movements; why it appears we will have a hard Brexit; the need to establish a new kind of Nationalist Movement; how the largest party in Belgium was banned by the others as a threat to democracy; why the Capitalist System requires mass immigration to survive; how our education system is designed to prevent our children from having any knowledge of their heritage and traditions; the Alliance For Peace And Freedom; why the Coronavirus is a Black Swan for the Globalists; and many other topics.

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