ACH (1188) Dr. Eric Karlstrom - The G5: Global Government Gangstalking Genocide Gestapo

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 12 2020, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “The G5: Global Government Gangstalking Genocide Gestapo.”

We discussed: Eric’s background as a university geography professor, his numerous websites (that you can visit at the bottom of this show post), and we focused today on some of his recently recorded songs and musical and informational narrations for a project entitled: “Theme Songs and Musical and Informational Narrations For Targeted Individuals, Their Families, and Other Human Beings” (See links below)

We listened to and discussed four of these musical narrations and theme songs, including:

1) “A Race Of Cybernetic Slaves,” a musical narration which describes the long-term cybernetics project whose goal is to achieve digital immortality for elites and cyborg enslavement of everyone else;

2) Part 6 of the testimony of Canadian Targeted Individual (TI), Stephen O’Keefe, which describes aspects of the G5 system, including how all of us can be remotely identified and tracked by our “brain prints;” how candidate Donald Trump and members of his presidential campaign were targeted and gangstalked (see below link), and how gangstalking appears to be a racially cultural phenomenon;

3) “We Will Stalk You,” an a capella theme song for gangstalkers (or “perps”) which describes the G5 stalking process;

4) Eric’s musical-narration of excerpts from Dr. Preston James, Ph.D.’s, 2014 Veterans Today article: “YOU Are THE ENEMY,” and many other related topics..


Click Here For 42 Informational-Musical Narrations That Explain The Global Gangstalking – Electronic Torture – Nonconsensual Human Mind-Behavior Experimentation Program (By Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Click Here For Texts For 42 Informational – Musical Narrations That Explain The Global Gangstalking – Electronic Torture – Nonconsensual Human Mind And Behavior Experimentation Program (G5) Program (By Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom)

Click Here For New Theme Songs (And Lifeline) For TIs, Their Families, And Other Human Beings By The Webmaster (Lyrics Included; Fall, 2019)

Click Here For Over 20 Million Americans (Including President Trump) Illegally Targeted, Tracked, Stalked, Zapped With Directed Energy-Neuro Weapons, And Surveilled 24/7 According To FBI/CIA/NSA Whistleblower


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