ACH (1162) Paul English – The Secret History Of Irish Republicanism With Special Guest Alan Buttle

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In today’s show originally broadcast on January 7 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English for a show entitled, “The Secret History Of Irish Republicanism With Special Guest Alan Buttle.”

We discussed: how Jews have settled in Ireland before and after the King Edward I edict of expulsion from England in 1290; the hard to find book, “The Money Lender,” by Joseph Edelstein; the historic door to door usury practices in Ireland; the Kennedy assassination; how all conflicts appear to have been artificially created; how the English are denied a voice with which to express any sense of cultural pride; Terry Gilliam’s recent statement that he is tired of White Men being blamed for everything; the Anti-British individuals behind the formation of the United Nations; the Irish Potato Famine; the plan to abolish Nationhood in favor of World Government; and many other topics.

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