The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (1135) Dennis Fetcho – Fetch On Fridays #12 – The Hutschnecker Report

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In today’s show originally broadcast on November 29 2019, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “Fetch On Friday’s,” with Inside The Eye Live’s The Fetch aka Dennis Fetcho, for a show entitled, “The Hutschnecker Report.”

We discussed: the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations speech, which focused more on the State of Israel than the United States; the hypocrisy of the Elites that complain about the internet shutdown in Iran, whilst actively promoting internet censorship in the West; the 2013 Time Of Israel article, “Mental Illness And The Jews,” by Diane Weber Bederman; how the suppression of Free Speech is a criminal and barbaric act; how one’s defense of their political beliefs are now increasingly being regarded as hatred; the formation of the Bank Of England; and many other topics.

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