The AnnuNaga of India Extraterrestrials?

The Naga (Nachash, Serpent of Genesis 3 who seduced Eve) were the fallen “angels” that were  already here on earth when Yahweh created the Adamic species and breathed the “breath of life” into Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:7) , who were  supposed to overthrow the Annunaki. The result of this seduction is the bloodline of Cain.


As stated in my book, The Great Impersonation, and in the Bible, the bloodline follows this path: Nachash > Cain > Kenites> Canaanites> Edomites> Pharisees> Jews.  In John 8, Yahshua identifies the Pharisees as the children of the devil.  In Matthew 23, He identifies them as the descendants of Cain.