Thursday evening October 3rd begins the FOT and ends the evening of the 11th. It’s time to tabernacle outside of this satanic society molded by Jews. Because when Yahshua returns, you want to have ‘come up out of her My people’.

If you haven’t participated in these Fall Feast Days, maybe it’s time you do. Are you an Israelite? Then this is your heritage, and it is a commanded celebration.

If you don’t want to sleep in a tent for a week, friends/family, at least set up a tent and fellowship with like-minded kinsmen/women and give Yahweh some honor. You can hang out in your booth, pray in it, fellowship in it. DO SOMETHING! We’ve become so accustomed to this wicked society which is not Christian, so how about you break away for a week and give Yahshua some glory. If He comes back next week, will He tabernacle with you? Or will you be found in the markets, in the ‘churches’, or participating in the Beast System of Mystery Babylon?

You can catch up on The Feast of Tabernacles study here:



May Yahweh bless you and keep you.

Pray for Pastor Steve