This Saturday September 28 at evening begins the Day of Atonement. Are you ready to FAST? Are you going to FAST? If you are an Israelite, then this is part of your family heritage, and it’s a COMMANDMENT. Can you go for one day without the things of this world and devote this day to prayer, repentance, fellowship, and praising Yahweh? And without food or water, which the flesh desires? Experience a day living according to the spirit, and DO  His set-apart (holy) appointments. You are a Christian right? Prove it.

If you missed the presentation you can listen here, DOA and follow along with the document if you like.


Don’t forget, Thursday October 3rd at evening begins the Feast of Tabernacles. The show will air Saturday September 28 at 6 pm. If your zeal is for real, you can get a head start now, FOT , it’s 2 shows and the 2nd show will air Saturday October 5th during the feast. I hope you all will participate in your heritage. You gotta at least set up a tent and put some sticks on it, even if you don’t sleep in it.  Just pray in it, or study or listen to EFR in it. Join in on the fun, and salvation, and praise Yahweh!