Today is September 19 @ sundown ‘blow the shofar’. The Fall Holy Days begin. These Feast Days are still in effect. If you are an Israelite, then this is your family heritage and is a memorial of our family history and is a COMMANDMENT to keep. How? Simply be mindful of what this Feast Day represents. If you are not sure, or you don’t know, …and would like to learn so you may become closer to the Father, then click on the link below which will take you to an audio presentation and article on The Feast of Trumpets.

Feast of Trumpets

Praise Yahweh, and please continue to pray for Pastor Steve to receive healing and restoration.


Be prepared for The Day of Atonement, September 28th at sundown. The DOA presentation will air Saturday the 28th at 6pm on Brother Hebert Presents.

Since that gives you only an hour or so to be ready, here’s the link to read and listen before then so you have no excuse not to participate.