The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (954) Frosty Wooldridge – Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death Of Europe – Part 1

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In today’s show originally broadcast on March 21 2019, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Frosty Wooldridge, for a show entitled, “Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death Of Europe – Part 1.”

We discussed: the recent Mosque shooting in New Zealand; how a Muslim Imam recently claimed that Sweden will become the first Islamic Caliphate in Europe; the recent massacre of Christians in Nigeria; how mass immigration is a form of warfare; the Sharia law police cars in New York City; how if anyone in the West speaks out against immigration they face immediate condemnation; the massive Mosques being built in the U.S.A. and the significance of these; how the media and the politicians work together to promote mass immigration; and many other topics.

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