Clara Frasier: Femmunist (synthesizer of communism and feminism)

Any college course that has the word “studies” in the title is liberal psycho-propaganda.   The art of subtly changing the meanings of words in order to demonize an ethnic group (Whites), using the technique of “idea laundering.”  The religion of liberalism is exposed.  The opening discussion of the Sokal hoax proves that liberalism is based on faith in false propositions, not based on reason.


How liberalism has created a toxic, anti-White environment via psychological terrorism.  How freedom of speech has been destroyed by liberalism.  How Evergreen State College established the “anti-racist” Equity Commissar.  Line up and conform to the commissariat.  You must humble yourselves before the “Equity Commission.”   You won’t believe how liberal professors and students became consumed with toxic “anti-Whiteness.”  Leftist brainwashing has become institutionalized in colleges and universities around the world. One n on-White woman said the answer to “white privilege” is “violence and prayer.”   Welcome to the religion of liberalism.  Line up for your MANDATORY SENSITIVITY TRAINING.


Liberalism is communism in disguise.  “Social Justice” is the end of liberalism.   Rest in peace.  –  EFR

Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition. – Pastor Eli James