It is Jews and liberals who promote sex with minors.   But “rape culture” is blamed on Whitey!!!

Of course, the capitalist media, owned by subversive Jews, and the feminist movement, also controlled by subversive Jews, purvey this false notion that America is a “rape culture.”  This they blame on the “White patriarchy.”  They ignore the fact that objectification and degradation of women occurs in Hollywood (also owned by Jews), the Madison Avenue advertising industry (also controlled by Jews) and that the vast majority of rapes are committed by black men against White women.  This is all part of the organized (by Jewry) destruction of the West by Judaism (liberalism and  communism).

This is the true agenda.  Both the Jew capitalists and the Jew communists ignore rape culture outside of America, because this cannot be blamed on the White patriarchy.  Of course, rape culture outside of the Western countries is far worse; but don’t wait for the Fakestream media to be concerned about problems that can’t be falsely blamed on Whitey.  Crocodile tears by liberals and Jews dry up when the victims are brutalized by non-Whites.  So much for feminist “concern” abut exploited women!

Here is the situation in Columbia, where human trafficking (kidnapping and selling virgin girls) is big business:

From this article, we discover that Israeli Jews are involved in the sex trafficking racket in Colombia:

Here is the situation in Peru:


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