In today’s show originally broadcast on January 26 2019, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dave Gahary, for a show entitled, “The Moon Rock Books Lawsuit.”

We discussed: how Dave was sued in 2000 by the new York Stock Exchange and won; the lawsuit against Moon Rock Books; how Dr. James F. Tracy was targeted by the same group that are targeting Moon Rock Books; how the CIA invented the term, “Conspiracy Theorist,” to discredit people who have evidence that disproves their official narrative; how Wolfgang Halbig was also pursued through the courts until the case against him was mysteriously dropped; the 1964 landmark case, “New York Times Vs. Sullivan,” and the effect this will have upon the lawsuit against Moon Rock Books; how the lawsuit against Moon Rock Books is designed to frighten all Truthseekers from publishing the results of their research; how you can support Moon Rock Books; and many other topics.

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