The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (886) Alison Chabloz & Monika Schaefer – The Persecution Of The Dissidents

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In today’s show originally broadcast on December 29 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer, for a show entitled, “The Persecution Of The Dissidents.”

We discussed: how Alison and Monika performed songs together in Canada last year; how Ursula Haverbeck just turned 90 years old in a German prison; what we can expect in 2019 in relation to our Divine Right to free speech; how the claim that we live in countries governed by the people for the people could be nothing further from the truth, as the Brexit fiasco in the UK has proved; why if the powers that be are so concerned with helping persecuted people via immigration, they are not bringing the 4 million White South Africans who have been told they are going to have their land seized in three months, over to White Nations as persecuted refugees; Joel Stein’s claim in a 2008 L.A. Times article that Jews run the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the Government, which calls into question the International Holocaust Remembrance Association’s (IHRA’s) definition of Antisemitism, that claims it is Antisemitic to suggest Jews hold such power; and many other topics.

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