In today’s show originally broadcast on November 29 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “The Real Legacy Of The Treaty Of Versailles – Part 1.”

We discussed: the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War and guaranteed the Second; how we have been involved in non-stop wars from then up until and including the present day; how Peter’s Grandfather fought in the First World War and his Father in the Second; how for Christians and Christianity the 20th Century has been the most catastrophic century ever; the background to the Treaty Of Versailles; the numberplate of Franz Ferdinand’s car which read, AIIII18, that could be interpreted as 11/11/18, the official date of the end of the First World War; how immediately after the First World War the so-called British media called for the execution of the Kaiser; the propaganda against Germany that was again spread by the so-called British media throughout the war, accusing the Germans of numerous atrocities including killing children; the territory stolen from Germany via the Treaty Of Versailles; how Germany was made to pay the pensions of Allied soldiers; how the Treaty Of Versailles created the horrors of 1920’s Weimar Germany; and many other topics.

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