This historic gathering records the triumphant swansong (against all obstacles) of the world-renowned (now legendary) scholar Professor Dr. Robert Faurisson. His tenacious detective method of historical source critical “exactitude” achieved many forensic victories for “Holocaust” Revisionism to bring history in accord with the facts, not Jewish exceptionalist dogma.

Vincent Reynouard (exponent of Faurissonian exactitude) outlines the pivotal relevance of “Holocaustianity” in the world and the typical violent persecution experienced by revisionists. In fact, the disruption midway of the private meeting by the self-defined “meth-fuelled” Antifa terrorists (who enact “Jewish mafia” tactics to foreclose venues) is captured in this video. Here is proof of their hatred of peaceful open debate. Here is the tyranny encapsulated in “The New Definition of Anti-Semitism” made manifest for all to view by Telling Films.

Music played by Canadian violinist Monika Schaefer.