In today’s show originally broadcast on October 5 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alan Buttle, for a show entitled, “Can We Trust Jeremy Corbyn And Jacob Rees-Mogg?”

We discussed: how Alan has always been an activist trying to bring about greater moral responsibility throughout the world; Alan’s, “No Worries,” YouTube channel; how the Jewish Elite need and use front men like Tommy Robinson to direct the resistance to the establishment and maintain the kosher flavor of the resistance; the difference between the mainstream media’s attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Griffin; how the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn in relation to Anti-Semitism have allowed the Labour Party to cleanse their ranks of anyone critical of Jewish power; how Zionism is not a movement for the establishment of a Jewish State, but a movement for the establishment of a Jewish World; how Theresa May’s job is to facilitate Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the UK; Jacob Rees-Mogg’s background as a Rothschild banker; a comparison of the International Definition Of Anti-Semitism and the article, “Who Runs Hollywood? C’Mon,” by Joel Stein; and many other topics.

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