In today’s show originally broadcast on August 6 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Chris Pead, for a show entitled, “Did The Bible Take Place In Britain – The Works Of William Comyns Beaumont”

We discussed: the history of William Comyns Beaumont and his research into the geographical locations in the Bible; Alan Wilson’s theory that the Welsh people are descended from the Israelites; how Francis Bacon was involved in the creation of the King James Bible and may well have been the actual author of Shakespeare’s works; how the word, “Palestine,” means between two walls; the current divisions in the British Israel Movement and how this could have been infiltrated in order to destroy the message; David Ritchie’s belief that the Israelites came from Scotland; how world maps have been tampered with over the years; how William Comyns Beaumont’s book, “The Great Deception,” is the best entry level book on this subject; and many other topics.

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