In today’s show originally broadcast on August 2 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Mer From Wisconsin, for a show entitled, “My Experiences As A Prolific Poster To Alternative Media Chatrooms.”

We discussed: the various radio shows Mer has called into; how Daryl Bradford Smith’s successful radio career was founded upon his skill as a caller to radio shows; Arthur Topham’s parody on Theodore Kaufman’s, “Germany Must Perish,”; the clone of Hillary Clinton; how the financial system should be backed by the labor of the people; how China is to be the new business center and Russia is to be the new military center; how we should never exchange profanity with the enemy; the benefits of participating in chatrooms; how the enemy try to demonize people who simply wish to protect the racial integrity of all races by calling them racists, whilst their policy of mixing the races actually destroys individual races; Israel Zangwill’s, “The Melting Pot!”; the benefits of staying away from mainstream media and going back to nature; and many other topics.

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