In today’s show originally broadcast on July 31 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dennis Wise, for a show entitled, “The Secret Masonic Victory Of WW2.”

We discussed: the background to Dennis’s, “The Secret Masonic Victory Of WW2,” which whilst largely completed is a work in progress; how Jewish Communist revolutions are a tried and tested formula that have been demonstrated historically throughout the world; how even if Christianity falls, the Muslims will also be affected; how the Israelis destroy the homes of so-called Palestinian terrorists family members, even though the family members are innocent; the Stanley Kubrick film, “Eyes Wide Shut,”; the Spanish Revolution; the Mexican Revolution; Manly P. Hall’s book, “The Secret Teachings Of All Ages,”; the Spanish Armada and the occult; the Holy Roman Empire; the Shriners; how in 1945 the whole world was put under a Talmudic spell; how Google Home cannot give you an answer to Jesus Christ; and many other topics.

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