In today’s show originally broadcast on July 17 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Brizer, for a show entitled, “The Coming 5G Network.”

We discussed: the impending dangers of 5G and what this could mean for all of us; how and why they have been taking down trees to make way for 5G; how they are selling us 5G via an improved download time and convenience method; the increase in short term memory loss that many of us are experiencing; the official figures that reveal 578,000 immigrants entered the UK in 2017; Ireland’s 2040 Plan; how the enemy are denying your access to YouTube videos, via their incomprehensible statement, “This Content Is Not Available In Your Country Domain,” and the implications of this; the censorship of football/soccer fans; and many other topics.

Brizer is currently unwell, so please can you remember him in your prayers. 

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