In today’s show originally broadcast on June 26 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews The EFR Pastors, for a show entitled, “The Priesthood Of The Order Of Melchizedek.”

We discussed: how Melchizedek is translated as, “King Of Righteousness,”; how the Priesthood began with Adam and cascaded down the genetic line through Noah; the “Institute For Scriptural Research” who have produced a translation of the Scriptures, which Pastor Steve regards as his favorite; how Yahshua The Christ is the High Priest Of The Order Of Melchizedek forever, and it is the only through your service to Yahweh God that you qualify for Priesthood; how whilst the rapture doctrine is a complete apostasy, it is believed by over 70 million Judeo-Christians in the USA alone; how we need to be patient as we await His return, whilst we remain in the battle to awaken our brothers and sisters; how Judeo-Christianity is a ludicrous alliance between those who killed Yahshua the Christ and those who love Yahshua the Christ; how you will never be able to decipher the scriptures without a decent concordance; and many other topics.

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