In today’s show originally broadcast on June 21 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “The Real Foundations For For All Law.”

We discussed: how we are now living in an Orwellian System with our God given right to free speech under attack worldwide; how the Magna Carta was the first written restriction on the powers of government, and subsequently protects the individual against despotic rule; how the Magna Carta recognizes the Bible and particularly the Ten Commandments as the foundation for all law; how the authorities in the UK claim any laws passed since the Magna Carta, supersede the protection the Magna Carta afforded its’ people; how law is not simply something cooked up by a politician, indeed it has been historically based upon Scriptural principles and Biblical law; how freedom of speech is dead if you have laws being passed limiting what you can and cannot say; how the Third Commandment protects your God given right to free speech; how we have laws against slander but no laws against blasphemy, even though the UK is a nation founded upon Christian principles; how it is either God’s law or chaos, and on that basis we have to return to God’s law; how we cannot allow alien elements of our domestic population to restrict our God given right to free speech; how the EU are trying to institute a universal criminal code abolishing the right of trial by jury; how when we are being persecuted, the Bible is our best defence regarding our God given right to free speech; and many other topics.

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