The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (690) Dennis Fetcho – Tactically Expressing Your Free Speech

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In today’s show originally broadcast on June 16 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dennis “The Fetch” Fetcho, for a show entitled, “Tactically Expressing Your Free Speech.”

We discussed: how you need to have a firm confidence in the views you plan to express before you express those views; how the UK appears to be a testing ground for legislating against what you can or can’t say in relation to Jewish influence; how whilst we don’t have to accept that we are living in a politically correct culturally marxist world now, that is indeed the case and as such we need to tailor our statements to our respective countries laws, so we can express our opinions without risking prosecution; what we can learn from the Alison Chabloz case; why Nationalism is not racism; the International Definition Of Antisemitism, and its aggressive push towards legislation into many American states; the Israelis barbaric slaughter of Palestinians that you could be jailed for speaking out against if the International Definition Of Antisemitism is passed into law; how there are numerous interpretations of every historical event, leaving it up to the student of the event to decide which interpretation they believe, and only a tyrannical regime would dictate the interpretation their people must believe; the history of the troll world; and many other topics.

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