In today’s show originally broadcast on June 15 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alison Chabloz and Paul English for a show entitled, “The Full Story Of The Alison Chabloz Trial.”

We discussed: how Alison developed an interest in political issues; when Alison started being harassed on the internet and how she was advised to report this harassment to the police; how the police never seemed to be able to find the perpetrators of Alison’s harassment, but instead started investigating her; Alison’s subsequent prosecution, trial, verdict, and sentencing; Judge John Zani’s statement during Alison’s sentencing hearing yesterday in which he stated, “The right to freedom of speech in the court’s view is fundamental to a fully functioning democratic society, however the law has clearly instructed that this is a qualified right.”; Alison’s message to her supporters; the fact we are on a path to censorship with a view to restricting our God given right to free speech; and many other topics.

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