The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (626) Alfred Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, & Gertjan Zwiggelaar – Down The Rabbit Hole With Alfred, Alison, Gertjan, And Andy #23

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In today’s show originally broadcast on April 13 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “Down The Rabbit Hole With Alfred, Alison, Gertjan, And Andy,” with Alfred Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, And Gertjan Zwiggelaar.

We discussed: Monika’s current situation; how Monika is becoming more positive in prison; the upcoming debate on antisemitism in the British Parliament and the potential implications of this; the origins of Friday 13th being an unlucky day; Alfred’s recent experiences at a controlled opposition conference; how a mosque is going to be built in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides; why the enemy truly fear us when satirical songs are being sung about them; Winnie Mandela’s state funeral in South Africa tomorrow and the potential fallout from this; how the Suidlanders in South Africa are threatening Jan Lamprecht with legal action; the current potential for World War 3; and many other topics.

You Can Write To Monika At The Following Address:

Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Stadelheimer Straße
81549 Munich

Please see the image below which Monika drew in prison, and included at the end of her recent letter to Arthur, that I believe applies to all of her supporters.

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