The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (618) Dr. Peter Hammond – We’re Not Calling For The Slaughter Of All Whites Yet…

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In today’s show originally broadcast on April 5 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “We’re Not Calling For The Slaughter Of All Whites Yet…”

We discussed: Julius Malema’s comment, “We’re not calling for the slaughter of all Whites yet,” and the significance of this; Julius Malema’s comment, “We’re going to have to cut the throat of Whiteness,” and what he means by this; the law that has just been passed in South Africa allowing the Blacks to seize White peoples’ property; Robert Mugabe’s comment, “You have a degree in agriculture, we have a degree in violence,” that he made to the White farmers in Zimbabwe; the decline of Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe; how Communism has always failed historically, which Vladimir Putin has publicly acknowledged; how the practice of affirmative action/positive discrimination has been proven not to work; how prior to 1994 South Africa was a Superpower and since the end of apartheid it has been steadily regressing towards third world status; the unspeakable savage, brutal, and sadistic torture murders being inflicted on White farmers and their families by Blacks; how at the time of his resignation Robert Mugabe was worth 15 billion U.S. dollars, and why the new President of Zimbabwe plans no action against Mugabe to recover his ill gotten gains; how during the Second World War any material relating to Seiner Van Rensburg’s prophecies was banned by General Jan Smuts at the request of Winston Churchill; and many other topics.

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