Ladies And Gentlemen, I have finished a three part teaching series on the book of Ecclesiastes. King Solomon, who was given more wisdom than any other before him continues his observations of that which is, has been and will be done under the sun. I call myself “The Teacher” he calls himself “The Preacher”, both will cause you to contemplate things that you may not have thought of before.

Today, you are kept so busy that there’s not much time to really think about the deeper things that really matter. Sure you have time to think about the shallow things like your wants and needs, but what does that really teach you? A man or woman needs to hear the truth. There’s something about it that satisfies the soul and answers the questions that we’ve had all throughout our lives. Solomon says there’s a time to hate, but the world and their politically correct nonsense tells you it’s wrong to hate. Ironically, these people that tell you it’s wrong to hate are some of the biggest haters on the planet. Yes, there is a time to hate and it is part of the human experience. Telling someone it’s wrong to hate would be like telling them it’s wrong to love.

Today, the jews, liberal race traitors and have nots are trying to have us override what our conscience or instincts tell us. They tell us to not pay attention to warnings or color or race, yet we know the facts about these things and what the ramifications are. In Nature, color is used to camouflage and hide creatures so they can attack their prey. Color is also used as a warning to other creatures to stay away. We learn the same things through our experiences just as the creatures do. If they do not heed the warnings, death ensues and this goes for all of us as well.

This equality nonsense of pretending we are all equal is costing us serious collateral damage as well as personal damage.
They want you to ignore the black problem and pretend that it does not exist. They make up excuses and lie to the public
telling us that we are safe, when in fact, we are in greater danger in our countries than ever before. The jew run fake mainstream media has been lying about minority on white crime for decades and have not reported it. Instead they hide it and camouflage it leaving the citizens to believe they are perfectly safe. This takes away the warning signal and people who would have heeded it and would have been safe, will now and have been victims of the most brutal crimes you couldn’t even imagine.

Control of the press by the jews has been a disaster for us and its control should be removed from them immediately. The sooner this is done, the sooner the press can regain its function of warning people of these problems and hunting down the real criminals in our countries et al. The problem is that the jews, who are the criminals, are the ones that run the fake mainstream media don’t report on themselves very often. When they do, they never mention that they are jews so that the public think they are whites and blame the whites for all these crimes. The biggest problem that race mixing brings is that it muddies the waters leaving you guessing who’s who and who’s jew et al. This is being done on purpose for the obvious reasons. This is also the reason you were taught or should I say conditioned to not look at a man for the color of his skin or his race and religion. Do you see that that negates all of the warnings that might alert you? Blacks and jews are scary looking if you’ve never seen them before, but now you’ve been desensitized and view them as a normal part of your world experience today. A man’s religion can be and often is a religion of evil, yet you are told to accept the man and his evil religion into your country.

There are many revelations in this series that Yahweh has revealed. The most wonderful one being that wisdom can be spent over and over again throughout your life unlike money that is spent once. This is why Solomon say wisdom is more precious than rubies. Remember this dear reader…The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh. Fear him as a child would have a healthy fear of his parents and He who hates wisdom loves death.

I sincerely hope you read this and thought it out with an objective mind for it will begin to correct the false fables of political correctness that are killing our society. Return to the Father Yahweh and forget about religion. The bible is a book about race not religion. It is the history of the race of Adam who came here long after the other races were here.
Adam means to be able to blush.

Here is the three part series on the book of Ecclesiastes:

May Yahweh richly bless you with His wisdom and knowledge
Until Next Time
David James