In today’s show originally broadcast on March 22 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Daryl Bradford Smith, for a show entitled, “The French Connection: How Daryl Woke The Alternative Media Up To Our True Enemy…”

We discussed: how Daryl woke up to who was really in charge of our world; how the Jewish community in New York were very dismissive of non-Jews; why Daryl left America and relocated to France; how Daryl was given his own show on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN); Daryl’s association with Eustace Mullins, who he regards as the greatest intellectual mind of the 20th Century; how Daryl was forced to leave RBN as they were being threatened; how Daryl joined the Genesis Communications Network (GCN), and why he was dismissed from there; Daryl’s 138 guests on his show which ran for over 10 years; the implications of the Fukushima disaster; the dangers of the upcoming 5G network; how influential politicians are controlled by honeypots, via their pedophilia; why Daryl had to take his show and website down; the Chabad Lubavitch; and many other topics.

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