In today’s show originally broadcast on March 20 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Elisabeth Carto, for a show entitled, “Willis Carto: 60 Years Of America First, In His Wife’s Own Words…”

We discussed: how this is only Elisabeth’s second ever radio interview, her first was with Tom Valentine in the 1980’s; how Elisabeth met and married Willis in 1959; how Willis became politically active in 1953, as a Conservative who joined the Young Republicans; how Willis opposed Eisenhower’s nomination for a second term in 1956; how Willis worked for the John Birch Society under Robert Welch for 6 months in 1959; how Willis set up the structure for the Liberty Lobby in 1960; how Willis created The Spotlight in 1975 which in its heyday had over 700,000 subscribers; how in 1979 Willis founded the Institute For Historical Review; how in the same year Willis organized the first ever Historical Revisionist Conference in Los Angeles; how Willis created The Barnes Review in 1994, which he named after his good friend Harry Elmer Barnes; how Willis published the first ever Historical Revisionist books; how Willis created the American Free Press in 2002; and many other topics.

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